Sunday, August 16, 2009

HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes

HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes
These are the new loupes that I've got myself. For nearly ten years I used a set of 2.5x Galilean loupes. Not the greatest. They were cheap, heavy and not very good but they served the purpose. But then advancing age (I just crossed 45) and deteriorating eyesight necessitated a more powerful set of extra "eyes". The Heines I have are 3.5x prismatics that are a joy to use. I use it for practically all implant surgery but specially when doing sinus lifts where the magnification and the additional illumination is a great help. There are quite a few additional accessories that come with the loupes in it's handsome case that make this set of loupes a joy to use. Having said this 3.5x is not the ideal first loupe to own. For that the 2.0 or 2.5x is a better choice. Not sure which loupe is best for you? Checkout this article to help you decide.

I also have a led light that goes with the loupes. I have to admit I am not as happy with the light as I am with the loupes. The light just doesn't seem to have enough intensity and the battery handle is bulky and uncomfortable to use . It's a beautifully designed little light but it's needs more power and a smaller longer lasting battery pack that easy on to carry and easy on the pocket.

I would like to add that I have NO financial interest whatsoever in this product!

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