Monday, August 24, 2009

Class B Autoclaves

One cannot overemphasise the importance of sterilisation and infection control not just for implant surgery but for all aspects of dentistry.
Effective sterilisation can be the difference between success and failure in implant dentistry.
A Class-B autoclave is the standard of care when it comes to steam sterilisation . This is specially true when sterilising tools and instruments with hollow insides such as handpieces, drills, cannulas etc.
For the last many years my trusted Class B was a unit from Prestige Medical in the UK. In February this year it finally gave in. This, namely the lack of service and spares from foreign manufacturers or their agents has been a constant problem with many imported hi tech equipments. With a complicated , sophisticated expensive and critical device such as a vacuum autoclave it is imperative that service and spares be readily available for many years after the purchase of the autoclave. I was reasonably lucky with my Prestige. Other colleagues have not been so fortunate.
Although many imported brands are available in place of the Prestige we bought the Indian made/assembled Equitron autoclave from Medica Instruments. This is a true Class B autoclave and except for a few initial glitches has performed very well. The service from the CEO Mr.Hemant Shah has been courteous and prompt.
As usual I have NO FINANCIAL INTEREST in this product. Just a product and a company I believe deserves support and encouragement.

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