Friday, June 18, 2010

An Internal Sinus Lift - 18 month followup

Here is an internal sinus lift I did sometime ago on the 9th of February 2009. The graft material in the sinus (collagen plug and ossifi) are clearly seen. The patient did not return for a follow up until today.

This is the post op iopa after close to a year and a half. One can see the new sinus floor and the bone above the implant.

Steelcase Reinvents the Hospital Cart for the Health Care Revolution

The cutting edge of modern design. I just thought that the designs might be inspiring for many of us in designing carts for our clinics ! Save. Enjoy ! (Courtesy of Lifehacker)

Steelcase Reinvents the Hospital Cart for the Health Care Revolution: "

Pocket cart

Rolling through hospitals are the ubiquitous carts that nurses use for everything from calculating lab results to transporting IV bags. In the near future, these carts will do more than simply wheel supplies. They'll need to perform increasingly high-tech tasks, all while remaining easy for caregivers to move and clean, and still feel friendly to patients. Such was the challenge confronted by a new medical cart called Pocket, which debuted at this week's NeoCon show in Chicago.

[youtube fs6Mw5m7yL8]

Created by a health care company called Modo, Pocket was designed by a division of Steelcase called Nurture to address the changing needs of nurses and doctors. Especially with the speedy arrival of electronic medical record-keeping, known as EMR, caregivers will need a mobile, personal workspace with Internet access as often as they need a stethoscope. If the above video is to be believed, nurses and doctors will be using iPads, not clipboards, to check patient histories.

Pocket cart

[Pocket by Nurture by Steelcase]


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Word of the Day - Sprezzatura

sprezzatura (plural sprezzaturas)

1. (art) The art of doing a difficult task so gracefully, that it looks effortless.

(From the Italian, Sprezzatura meaning nonchalance, was first used in 1528 by Baldassare Castiglione in The Book of the Courtier. The term began use in English in the mid-twentieth century, often to describe art.)

As craftsmen and artists that we all are , isn't this what we aim for ?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Now Available - Universal Surgical Kit for Computer Guided Surgery

Universal Kit for Computer Guided Surgery
Now Available
One kit for any implant surgery
Includes drills of various lengths and diameters. Parts may be purchased individually.
Easy to use
No need to set a stopper. The drill depths are pre-configured for an easy, hassle-free, color coded drilling sequence.

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