Friday, July 31, 2009

Advanced Clinical Treatment Planning for Computer Guided Surgery

Upcoming Webinar: Treatment Planning Full Arch Angled Cases for Computer Guided Surgery
Presented by: Sheldon Lerner, DMD
Course Date: Monday, August 3, 2009
Course Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm Central time
CE Credit: 1 Hour
Tuition: No charge

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Dr. Sheldon Lerner, will present surgical techniques to simplify and treatment plan full arch implant cases -

followed by Blue Sky Bio implant system advantages.

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Parasthesia Following Implant Placement !

Just this morning a patient called complaining he had no sensation in his lower anterior teeth. He felt perfectly normal everywhere else lips, tongue,gingiva but his teeth felt numb and "dead". The implant in question was placed to replace 47. The postop xray shows the implant well away from the nerve. The implant was placed under infiltration anesthesia. The patient had no pain during placement but I remember him feeling the pressure of the last few turns. I'm at home today down with a bad back but I've called him in tomorrow a.m for a check up.Whew ! What would you do?
Dr.C.P.Mathai MDS
Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, Oral Reconstruction.
Restoring Smiles! Building Confidence!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Sky Plan

Dentascan and 3D ct's are now routine in dental implant practice (at least here in Mumbai). What has been missing on the implant scene has been a good affordable Implant planning software . The existing ones like NobelGuide from Nobel and Simplant from Materialise are either limited to only some implants (only Nobel Implants for Nobel Guide for example) or are too expensive (lakhs of rupees for both the above mentioned softwares) or both. I have recently been using a new planning software called Blue Sky Plan downloadable from . For users in USA and Canada it is free but for users outside these two countries there is a small licence fee. There is a 90 day fully functional free trial. It's an easy to use software and I would encourage everyone to download and play with it. I'm still learning the software as I go along and hope to have my first surgical guide planned on the software fabricated soon. I'll keep you updated !

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Domain !

Just to make it easier to remember I just registered a custom domain for this blog. The new domain is rather than the older blogspot address!

Welcome to Implant Sutra !

Hi! and welcome to the Implant Sutra blog. I began and shut down various versions of this blog over the past few years. The basic reason was that I felt that what I had to share was not significant enough. That seems to have changed a bit ! having been involved with placing,restoring and teaching dental implants for the past many years I have first hand experienced the great need for more implant dentists to share and document their experiences for others to benefit from. We need an Indian information base that helps us all here cope with the unique conditions in which we practice and enables us to deliver the highest standard of care that our patients deserve.
As I add to this blog ( I hope with some regularity) I hope to hear from all of you about what you like and dont and your opinions about what I publish and what I should. Dissenting opinions are as welcome as is praise.
I would like to see many more Indian implant dentists share their knowledge, experiences and practices with the greater dental community at large.
Once more Namaste and Welcome !