Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Cavity-Filling Fluid That Regenerates Tooth Enamel – Is This The End Of The Dental Drill?

A Cavity-Filling Fluid That Regenerates Tooth Enamel – Is This The End Of The Dental Drill?:

Perhaps someday, the bi-annual trip to the dentist may become much less intimidating, thanks to researchers at Leeds University in the UK who have developed a completely pain-free way to fill cavities.

Taking inspiration from the principles of regenerative medicine, the process involves a special peptide-based fluid. Suspended in water, the peptide fluid, known as P 11-4 is clear and has a similar viscosity as water. Under certain conditions, namely when placed in contact with saliva that surrounds a tooth, the fluid forms a gel scaffold that fills the microscopic holes that are cavities. The scaffold, which mimics proteins that are found in growing teeth, attracts hydroxyapatite and other minerals to regenerate actual tooth enamel within weeks.

If P 11-4 is shown to be effective in larger clinical trials, the feared dental drill may one day find its place on the shelf with other archaic, barbaric medical devices from our past!

Here’s a video report about the research from UK’s Channel 4:

Article from Leeds University: Filling Without Drilling…

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bioactive Compound Can Be Molded to Fit Grafting Site

From the MEDGADGET site
Bioactive Compound Can Be Molded to Fit Grafting Site:

NovaBone Products has introduced a new line of biologically active bone-graft substitutes that are designed to enhance the body’s natural healing process by facilitating rapid vascularization and mineralization. Suspended in a rapidly-absorbable binder, the moldable material contains a calcium phosphosilicate with a continuous macroporous structure. Known as MacroPor-Si+, the product can be used to repair osseous defects throughout the skeletal system.

Founded in 2002, the manufacturer offers a variety of silicon- and calcium-ion controlled-release products that stimulate the regeneration of cortical and cancellous bone.

Press release: NovaBone Announces New Moldable Bone Graft…

Manufacturer’s web site: NovaBone Products…