Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4th Implant Course !

The participants of our 4th implant course ! We had a great time learning and sharing.
(Two participants are missing from the photograph.)
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Body Browser - Google Labs

A very interesting development from Google Labs. This has great potential as a learning tool.

Body Browser - Google Labs

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Man Officially Cured of HIV [Hiv]

Man Officially Cured of HIV [Hiv]: "
For the first time, a man has been declared officially cured of HIV. The remedy may nearly have killed him, but it opens a door—just a crack—to hope that we may someday kill off the scourge for good. More »


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The IKEA pencil: a surprising find in the NHS -- Eley and Watt-Smith 341 --

The IKEA pencil: a surprising find in the NHS -- Eley and Watt-Smith 341 --

A link to the original article from the BMJ that inspired the news report. Has a fascinating bibliography. I didn't know IKEA pencils had their own Facebook and Flickr pages !

Ikea pencils: An essential tool for surgery?

Interesting Post. This has been a well kept secret in the OMFS community. We've been teaching our participants to mark implant ostetomies using this technique. A common misconception is that "lead" pencils really contain lead which is toxic. The "lead" in "lead pencils" is graphite (a form of carbon) which is perfectly safe.
Ikea pencils: An essential tool for surgery?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Everyone and no one

Another great post from Seth Godin !

Everyone and no one: "

Two things are always not true:

Everyone likes this.

No one likes this.


If you try to please everyone, the few you don't delight will either ruin your day or ruin your sense of what sort of product you should make.

And if you believe the critic who insists that no one is going to like what you made, you will walk away from a useful niche.

One other thing: Sometimes it's easy to confuse, 'the small cadre of people I want to impress because my ego demands that this 'in' group is important,' with 'everyone.' They're not the same.