Saturday, February 19, 2011

Integra LifeSciences' New Trel-XPress Demineralized Bone Matrix

Integra LifeSciences' New Trel-XPress Demineralized Bone Matrix: "

Integra LifeSciences out of Plainsboro, New Jersey just launched its Trel-XPress Demineralized Bone Matrix. The new material is derived from demineralized bone matrix (DBM), but has a more open internal geometry, hopefully leading to faster and more effective healing post implantation.

Trel-XPress™ Demineralized Bone Matrix is powered by Accell® technology and is composed of an optimized blend of particulate Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM), Integra's proprietary Accell® Bone Matrix (ABM), and a reverse phase medium poloxamer. ABM is an open structured and more dispersed form of DBM, providing a high surface area environment that encourages bone formation.

Trel-XPress™ Demineralized Bone Matrix offers an alternative for use as a bone graft in orthopedic extremity reconstruction surgeries. It may reduce the need to harvest the patient's own bone, sparing the patient additional surgery and limiting the risk of any associated complications.

Press release: Integra LifeSciences Introduces Advanced Orthobiologics for Extremity Reconstruction...

Product page: Trel-Xpress...


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