Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Stropko Irrigator

A very useful tool not just for implant dentistry but for all kinds of general dentistry and endodontic procedures is the Stropko Irrigator. I cannot imagine practicing without it. Developed by endodontist Dr.John Stropko it is available for purchase from his website Also available from other major dealers such as DCI, Henry Schein, Sybron-Kerr,Vista Dental and probably others. I am not aware that it is sold in India. The 3way needs modification to reduce the inlet pressure to accomodate the Irrigator and it is best to have a separate dedicated 3way for the Irrigator.
The images alongside are self explanatory. Among the uses in implant Dentistry are
  • Clean and flush extraction sockets just prior to implant placement
  • Irrigation of the surgical site
  • Flush debris out of the internal screw channel of the implant.

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