Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to drill perfect osteotomies every time !

A favourite video of mine from the Bicon website ! Watch and learn ! Bill Schaeffer is an excellent presenter. (click on the title above or the link below the post to be taken to the video)
Many implant kits do not have round burs, but as this video shows and as I have learnt and shared in our courses marking the initial osteotomy with a round bur (or as some clinicians prefer a lancet bur) is imperative to drilling accurate osteootomies. It's also important to understand why burs slip and why osteotomies seem to move from where we originally began them. This video will show you why. It is also important to learn to correct errors in drilling osteotomies when they occur.
I generally have a size 2,4 and 6 round bur in each implant kit. These are inexpensive carbides by S.S.White that I buy from Dental Avenues. These are not internally irrigated drills .

Bicon Dental Implants | Interactive

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