Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JIACD Apr 2010 Digital Edition eNewsletter

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  • 19 Case of the Month: Multidisciplinary Restoration of an Aging Smile
    Ben Watkins
  • 29Predictable Maxillary Guided Bone Regeneration with a Bioabsorbable Membrane and Particulate Allograft: A Case Series Spanning Extraction to Final Prosthetics
    Michael Sonick, Debby Hwang
  • 47Oral Precancer and Early Cancer Detection in the Dental Office – Review of New Technologies
    Jerry E. Bouquot, Patricia Suarez, Nadarajah Vigneswaran
  • 67A Literature Review of the Safety and Biocompatibility of Amnion Tissue
    Elizabeth H. Chen, Andrew J. Tofe
  • 79Improvement of Long Term Nonreducing Temporomandibular Joint Articular Disc Displacement by Self-Delivered Manual Exercise Therapy: A Case Report
    Kosuke Honda, Michiyo Yamamura, Masanori Fujiwara, Tetsuya Abe, Masahiro Urade
  • 87Dental 3D Imaging Centers - Usage and Findings: Part V – Dental Incidentalomas
    Alan A. Winter, Kouresh Yousefzadeh, Alan S. Pollack, Michael I. Stein,
    Frank J. Murphy, Christos Angelopoulos

  • 93Implant Abutment Types: A Literature Review – Part 1
    Nsarin Sadaqah, Ahed Al-Wahadni, Elham Abu Alhija


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