Friday, November 27, 2009

Luxators,Periotomes and other Magic Wands - II

Luxators are probably the best kept secret in dentistry.Luxators are manufactured by SDI Directa that makes numerous other innovative and excellent products for restorative and surgical dentistry.
The Luxator at it's simplest is a fine sharp blade and tooth elevator combination manufactured from the finest Swedish Steel .

To quote from the Directa website"Luxator Extraction Instruments are a specially designed periodontal ligament knife with a fine tapering blade that compresses the alveolar, thus cutting the membrane to enable the dentist to gently ease the tooth from its socket.
Luxator Extraction Instruments were invented and designed by a Swedish dentist to make extractions as trauma free as possible."
There are a variety of options available although I have found the standard design pictured above to be the best
Some personal observations on luxator use
  • The thin straight grey luxator is the most useful when extracting anterior teeth.
  • When using a luxator in the anterior region avoid using it on the labial. Use only on the proximal and palatal.
  • Go between the root and the socket wall wedging the luxator in an apical direction.
  • Go slow.
  • Protect against slipping of the luxator and injuring soft tissue.
  • In multirooted teeth, separate the roots with a bur and then use a luxator.
  • You can mallet the luxator with  light taps.
  • Sharpen the luxator blades when the blade becomes blunt on the sharpening stone provided.
  • Available in India from Pyrax Exports or your local distributor.
As always I have no financial interest whatsoever in this recommendation.

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