Friday, September 25, 2009

Callipers !

A common query in our courses is about the different kinds of measuring tools used to make measurements of distances on bone during implant surgery as well as in the planning stage. With the advent of CT Scans and Interactive planning software and the availability of computer generated surgical guides the need for such "archaic" measuring tools will probably see a fall ! But I don't foresee the demise of the scale or calliper anytime soon.

The digital calliper is the tool we use in preoperative planning to measure distances on the cast and on OPG's. It's easily available at most good hardware stores or high end stationary stores.

The Castroviejo Callipers featured alongside come in a short and long design as well as in a choice of straight and curved tips. They are very useful in measuring off distances in the mouth (the long ones are better) and I generally have both a curved and straight one available. I bought mine from A.K. Surgical here in Mumbai for a few hundred rupees each.

Featured alongside are ridge measuring callipers.
These sturdy stainless steel callipers come with sharp needle tips that can penetrate soft tissue to measure the actual width/thickness of bone. useful for bone mapping. Their large size makes them a bit unwieldy and it can be a bit difficult to read of the finely etched millimeter scale but they are a useful addition to the surgical armamentarium. The tips are replaceable if damaged. Expensive. Get them from Salvin or from Novodental in Mumbai.

This Boley's gauge can be used both on casts and intraorally since it is autoclavable. It is used in a fashion similar to the digital vernier above. Available from most dental and dental lab supply companies.

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