Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Sky Plan

Dentascan and 3D ct's are now routine in dental implant practice (at least here in Mumbai). What has been missing on the implant scene has been a good affordable Implant planning software . The existing ones like NobelGuide from Nobel and Simplant from Materialise are either limited to only some implants (only Nobel Implants for Nobel Guide for example) or are too expensive (lakhs of rupees for both the above mentioned softwares) or both. I have recently been using a new planning software called Blue Sky Plan downloadable from . For users in USA and Canada it is free but for users outside these two countries there is a small licence fee. There is a 90 day fully functional free trial. It's an easy to use software and I would encourage everyone to download and play with it. I'm still learning the software as I go along and hope to have my first surgical guide planned on the software fabricated soon. I'll keep you updated !

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  1. Are you still using the software? How do you like it?